Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unintentional Astronaut Training

Had I been aware of this I would have trained even harder.

The company behind the dark Irish beer Guinness will give loyal drinkers a taste of space along with their stout, but only if they win a new contest.

Guinness has reserved a seat aboard a suborbital Virgin Galactic Spaceliner as one of three experience prizes in an online contest honoring the 250th birthday of the beer's brewery this year.

Guinness officials said their space trip contest runs through Sept. 24 and promised a thrilling ride for the winner. The launch will catapult passengers beyond Earth's atmosphere at nearly 2,500 mph (4,023 km/ph) — three times the speed of sound — to a point about 68 miles (109 km) above the planet, Guinness officials said.

"Since 1759, Arthur Guinness and the Guinness brand have been behind some remarkable and hugely momentous achievements," Guinness officials said in a statement. " "To continue this legacy and as part of the 250 celebrations, Guinness is giving something back to Guinness supporters around the world by offering the chance to win one of these three remarkable Guinness experiences."

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