Monday, July 20, 2009

How about a little Catholic Bashing?

You have all undoubtedly seen them. Young well groomed men wearing white shirts and ties navigating their bicycles through your town. Maybe you have seen them on your doorstep extolling the virtues of their Church. What I never knew, or in my naivete never suspected was that among some of them there is a need to Catholic bash.

On a recent visit to The Digital Hairshirt my left coast blogging colleague found a Facebook post that you might find interesting. I will not steal her thunder but will warn you that if you do not have the stomach for a picture of the Pope with a Hitler mustache or are unprepared for a glimpse at the dark underside of what would appear to be otherwise wholesome appearing proselytizing, beware. Make sure you check out the post at The Digital Hairshirt. While I do not wish to indict the entire LDS Church you should be aware of how Roman Catholics are sometimes portrayed.

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