Sunday, July 12, 2009

Liberty and Tyranny

What is nice about vacation (even if you really don't go anywhere) and not having a promotional test looming over your head is the ability to read for leisure. My Father used to be fond of quoting one of his elementary school teachers favorite sayings. Sister Angela used to say there were only three things you must do to be successful in life. "Read, read and read." With Dad reminding me of that quote and while watching my Mom ( a consummate book lover) devour on average of one book per day it was natural that the reading bug would be transmitted to my generation. But demands of everyday life sometimes put a dent in time that would otherwise be spent curled up with a good book.

Of course, no time to read does not necessarily translate in to no time to buy or shop for books so over the last nine or so months I have accumulated quite a pile that I am finally starting to go through. On the top of the pile was Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin. This "Conservative manifesto" was on top of the pile for several reasons. First, I had often listened to many hours of Mr. Levin courtesy of WABC radio while whiling away many lonely hours alone on patrol and found him to be forthright and a Great American. Second, a few of my friends had read it and gave it a rousing endorsement.

I know I am coming late to the party but I must tell you that if you have a Conservative bone in your body this book is essential. While a true Conservative understands on a visceral level why the right is right and the left is just, well to put it charitably uniformed, sometimes you need someone to distill what you are feeling into a manageable and informed publication.

In a short two hundred and five pages Mr. Levin will provide you with a) an undergraduate degree in conservatism, b) data validation that will help you and your more uniformed colleagues understand that conservatism is an important value, and c) educate you in a manner that will prepare you for debate and defense of Conservative ideals.

You will walk away from the experience knowing that most of the governmental failures that haunt us and succeeding generations have spawned from liberalism and those who would subvert the original intent of the Founding Fathers in an effort to impose their twisted concept of Socialist Utopia on us while having us foot the bill. If you possess Conservative values or are one of the many fence sitters that wasted their vote on "Change" in the last Presidential election you will find ideological redemption in this book.

Mr. Levin is a fine American and possesses a sharp intellect. If you are looking for a serious read this summer that will cause you to engage in some intellectual calisthenics I assure you that you will satisfy your needs within the pages of this book.

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