Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buffalo Bill won't you come out tonight?

I am not inclined to culinary adventure. But after almost four months without any red meat and the end of summer vacation breathing down my neck I had a serious desire for a nice steak. As fortune would have it I made the trek this week with the lovely Mrs. Copper to the local grocer. While perusing the meat aisle I noticed a two pack of Bison steaks. Dare I? Then I saw the two dollar off coupon affixed to the outside of the tasty delicacy and decided now was the time.

Salt, Pepper and garlic and a loving short roast under my recently acquired gill presses and it was done.

Not bad but in my zeal to erase all "game" flavor I cooked it a bit too much. Rather than the usual seven to eight minutes per side I think five would have been a bit better. Nonetheless it was delicious accompanied with some grilled shrimp, cucumber salad from the Dirty Copper garden and a nice cold beer. While I will not be running out to buy Ostrich burgers any time soon I think Bison, like all of Gods creatures has a place, right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.

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