Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Morality check

In my usual visceral way I know from an almost cellular level that the ObamaCare program is wrong in a great many ways. Fiscally, and politically it is the wrong choice. But I began to think that morally my opposition to the idea might be leading me down the wrong path. As luck would have it Fr. Phillip, a most learned and insightful Dominican Friar has posted on this very topic and it is worth a read.

Here's the very basic question I ask when evaluating any reform of the health-care system: what are the moral principles that stand under the proposed system and drive its inevitably tough choices?

Given the answer to this question, I ask another: what system of laws, regulations, incentives, etc. will be used to implement these moral principles?

In the current debate it seems to me that the proposals under review are based on a highly objectionable utilitarianism; that is, the reforms proposed rely on a variety of cost-benefit analyses that require those making medical decisions to commodify human life. If those making the decisions are not the ones who will suffer the consequences of the decisions made, then the utilitarianism in use becomes nothing short of immoral.

The Friendly Friar has excellent credentials and is a good place to start if you have need of introspection on this topic. For my money I will rely on the likes of Father Phillip rather than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Seems to be the safer bet.

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