Thursday, August 20, 2009

Must be talking about posture

President Obama hits the airwaves Thursday, speaking with a right-leaning radio talk show host in what will be his first comments on health care since he signaled last weekend that he is willing to abandon a government-run option -- a move that has riled liberals who insist it must be included.

Obama and Philadelphia-based Michael Smerconish will broadcast from the White House. While Smerconish is generally considered conservative, he supports abortion rights and endorsed Obama last year.

Clearly they cannot be speaking of his political leanings. He must slouch to the right when sitting in his chair. Now I understand the confusion. Conservative genius William F. Buckley arguably the father of modern conservative politics routinely leaned to the right when seated in a chair.

Equating the two is erroneous and misleading. Seems to be a matter of routine in Washington these days.

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