Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deluded? Denial?

I am just about done with this whole Ted Kennedy thing. It is time for him to become a) a saint in the liberal political world and b) a historical footnote to the rest of us. But before I am done I wanted to share with you something I just read. Posted online somewhere (I think at the Boston Globe) is a story about a letter Kennedy had President Obama hand deliver to Pope Benedict when the two recently met. The contents up until now had not been disclosed.

At the committal service for Kennedy, Cardinal McCarrick read the contents of that letter. Do you find this sentence from the letter as nutty as I do?

“I have always tried to be a faithful Catholic, Your Holiness, and though I have fallen short through human failings, I have never failed to believe and respect the fundamental teachings.

You're kidding me, right? Can I have a if? I guess there really are no atheists in fox holes.

The rest of it is here.

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