Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tell me what you see going on here

Senator Barbara Boxer D-California made an appearance today on MSNBC in which she comments on the conduct of "well dressed people" showing up at Town Hall meetings in which the members of Congress are attempting to sell the idea of a national health care plan to an agitated and disbelieving constituency. She states that these protesters are trying to "hurt the President". The relevant clip is here.

After watching this clip I began to ponder the different ways that "well dressed" conservatives protest versus the way some of the good Senators adherents chafe against the bridle of what they consider an unbearable government yoke. So I decided to go out in to the world of and do a comparison. I have inserted two videos from my search for you to consider. The first is a clip posted by a man who had the misfortune of wandering near the protesters at the Republican National Convention in 2008. The second is from a "Tea Party" protest in Chicago some months later. In the interest of self education I urge you to view all three of these clip and come to your own conclusions.

It impresses me that the liberals in Washington condone the very type of behavior that they accuse their opponents of while ignoring the anarchist followers. Just my opinion.

First, a clip of those rogue Conservatives that Senator Boxer spoke of.

And now the liberal version.

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