Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time to man up

Oh boy are you guys going to love this. While cruising over at Digi's place she referenced a blog post she felt was appropriate. If you are a daisy, don't click the link. For any of you filled with apprehension here is just a little taste.

Men who cry make me want to puke. If you lost someone you love or something horrible happened to you I get it and if you are holding your brand new child in your arms I get it… but if you are crying because life is just hard or because you feel put upon by the world around you… FUCK YOU. Man the fuck up. Find your sack! It is like this vicious goddamn karma we are finally paying the price of feminism. Go team! Men are now total fucking bitches as a general goddamn rule.

This is an awesome, timely and accurate assessment of humanity from Demure Thoughts. Enjoy. And thank you Jen. You Rock!

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