Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good morning Arlen

Maybe I am putting the cart before the horse but I am getting the impression that perhaps the movement against the proposed National Health Care plan is finally beginning to cause at least some of its congressional supporters to take a step back and evaluate their prospects of voter backlash. It would seem that conservatives and moderates, many of whom rolled over and piddled on themselves during the last national election have begun to wake up and realize that the Pelosi, Reid, Obama brand of neo socialism is just too much to bear.

Just yesterday former Republican and now Democratic Senator Arlen Spector was quoted as saying "There is more anger in America today than at any time I can remember.". Good one Arlen. Even in the midst of your geriatric obtundation you have realized that a) probably a bad choice to switch parties just for six more years on the government tit and b) your reelection bid is probably going to be anything but a cakewalk.

As the people that actually pay the bills in this country eschew the mainstream media for less conventional outlets like the blogosphere for updates on the debate "live from the trenches" it would appear that the wild swing of the political pendulum is rapidly returning from the galaxy of fringe liberalism. I hope it is in time to avert the tremendous financial disaster that threatens our children and grandchildren.

Markets readjust. But when the paradigm is shifted to add the albatross of more government entitlements recovery is not possible.

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