Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Yes, I know that we are almost a month off from that traditional celebration. But unlike the rest of you my labor day falls almost a month earlier. Sound a bit odd? Let me explain.

I have never been a big supporter of birthday celebrations. It all just seems a tad too self indulgent for my tastes. That's not to say I look down on anyone who celebrates their nativity in raucous or over the top style. But for me, the last large scale celebration I had was for my 18th and honestly it was because I was legal and could have my first (at least officially sanctioned) keg party. Around that time (more than two and less than four decades ago) it occurred to me that the one who should be getting the adulation of the day should be my Mother. After all, without her, and some cooperation from my Dad I would not have
been possible. So, following my personal tradition each year on the anniversary of my birth I make it a point to visit my Mom and wish her a Happy Labor Day.

While she still insists it was all no big deal I can't help but reflect on the sacrifices she made to make me possible. Newly married, fresh out of Nursing School and without two nickels to rub together they set out on a reproductive adventure. I can't help but think that the terror experienced by a new Mom at the onset of that first contraction could only be magnified ten fold for a woman who only a year or two earlier had seen first hand the medical practices of an early 1960's delivery room.

So while unlike most who will indulge themselves on their special day it will be a bit of yard work for me, then work and probably a little bit of overtime. But today more so than any other day of the year Mom will be on my mind. And as I get older my gratitude for the gift of life and her nurturing love grows exponentially.

Happy Labor Day Mom! I Love You!

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