Monday, August 17, 2009

They only come out at night

Earlier in the summer I began to take nightly walks in an effort to return to some level of physical fitness. It is a really enjoyable thing to do. Traffic disappears, the night falls still and with the exception of other folks running or walking there are precious few souls out and about. But there are exceptions.

While I haven't had any UFO sightings or interrupted a crime in progress I have run in to some pretty unusual characters here and there. So far I have twice seen people cutting their grass in the dark. I am not talking on the headlight equipped John Deere at twilight. I am talking full on bats flying in the sky darkness.

Not to be outdone however there was on one of my earlier jaunts a salty old fellow I spotted from a block or two away. He was seated comfortably on some sort of cushion and was diligently hacking away at something. Turned out that this guy trims his lawn near the driveway with a meat cleaver. Better than dismembering hitchhikers I suppose but still kind of out of the norm.

Its nice to cruise by my parish around nine when the clock tower chimes and resonates throughout the downtown. And in a quasi creepy way its convenient to be walking past the cemetery at about the point I want to slow down to a more reasonable pace.

I don't know what other adventures await while I continue my nightly cruises but look forward anxiously to the cool of autumn and a change a scenery.

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ASM826 said...

Edging the lawn is always a chore. I have an old coal shovel I use for the task. It keeps my neighbors from wondering about me.

That hacking away with a meat cleaver while I cuss and mutter, too much like the opening scene of a bad movie...