Saturday, August 22, 2009


On an infrequent trip to the mall yesterday (the only place I can find my sugar free licorice of choice) while my wife and daughter were in one of the stores I decided to take a few minutes and blend in to the wall board and do a bit of people watching. Among the many sights available on a late Saturday afternoon at the mall the following two stood out to me.

1) A mom with two kids in tow. One boy (about six) was obviously blind. Dark glasses, white cane. Well behaved lad and clearly bridling under his mom's protective wing. My first impression, this mother is not going to let this child be a wuss. Loving but no nonsense, this kid will thrive and have a very productive life. How do I know this? No ESP here. Mom obviously is going to make sure of this.

2) Mother walking the mall talking loudly on a cell phone wearing pants that were painted on. Either that or the fabric that was stretched so tightly over her caboose it should have been used to construct space shuttles and submarines. Six feet behind her eating a pretzel bigger than his head was her equally well fed eight year old whining and carrying on as if someone had just tried to remove his liver with a salad spoon because he wanted to buy a game for his Nintendo while she obliviously continued on her way. I guess the clicking of her stiletto heels on the tile drowned out the noise. We will be seeing the two of them in the Juvenile Bureau before long. Guaranteed.

If I could only pick lottery numbers like this.

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