Sunday, August 9, 2009

Did I miss the frost this morning?

After finishing my night tour this morning and in anticipation of a quasi vacation this week (I will only be working one of my full time jobs) I decided to run out and pick up a few things I needed for some projects I have planned this week and to satisfy the hunger of the large black dog. My second stop was the pet store which is located in a mid sized circa 1950's mall. You know the type. Large parking lot in the front and the two rows of stores are arranged so they are joined in the middle at a right angle.

As I eased the Millennium Falcon into her berth in front of my destination I looked across the lot and noticed that the Halloween store was stocked and ready for business. To add insult to injury, just prior to leaving the castle for this trip I was going through this weeks mail and found the first Christmas catalog.

For goodness sake. Its 90 degrees, a hundred percent humidity and the middle of August. Let me get caught up on my summer stuff before you do this to me!

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