Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid green thumb

With the exception of certain foods that should not be changing color, I love green. Grass and garden are two of the biggest treasures that I possess. Despite a busy schedule I do everything in my power to make sure that those organic life forms in my kingdom thrive and are looking spiffy.

So I am compelled to ask. What the hell happened this year. Despite diligent crop rotation all of my produce is anorexic. Tomatoes with thin skins, undersized jalapenos and stunted egg plants. The lawn, used to be sod. Soaked with more chemicals than the Love Canal my poor lawn is being over run by hordes of marauding weeds. Damn!

Too much rain? Too much heat? Gardeners stupidity? AAAaaarrrrghhh! Enough whining I suppose. I will gird my loins, suit up and continue the fight. It is a fight to the end. A death match between me and these insipid interlopers.

Why do I have this picture in my head of me with a sod cutter in the spring? Sigh.

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