Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama slays the Anteater?

Well it wasn't long before they stepped over the line, was it?

In an effort to reduce the spread of HIV, public health officials are considering the promotion of “universal circumcision” for all baby boys born in the United States.

The move comes after officials analyzed the results of several studies that show in African countries hit hard by HIV, men who were circumcised reduced their infection risk by half...

But Dr. Peter Kilmarx, chief of epidemiology for the division of HIV/AIDS prevention at the CDC, told the Times that any step that could stop the spread of HIV must be given “serious consideration.”

“We have a significant HIV epidemic in this country, and we really need to look carefully at any potential intervention that could be another tool in the toolbox we use to address the epidemic,”

If this isn't way over the top nothing is. Liberals versus Conservatives. Haves versus have nots. And now helmets versus anteaters. How do the folks from the NRA put it? They can have it when the pry it from my......oh, never mind. The rest of this nonsense at the link.

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